Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New product in our shop: Wireless Dictaphone/ MP3 player and RF in-ear receiver

The new product in our shop has three main features:

  1. Is the only wireless Dictaphone in the world - it transmits the signal to the wireless RF in-ear receiver. within a distance a few meters.
  2. It assures a discreet listening of your MP3 files or of your own recorded voice, without anyone to notice it - it's the best private prompter.
Wireless Dictaphone and RF earpiece in-ear receiver

If you wish to see the Wireless Dictaphone/ MP3 player in our shop, go here


  1. Hi,

    This is an interesting device... does it work in front of a dynamic microphone?

    1. Hello Sophia,

      Yes. You can use it in front of any dynamic microphone, because it doesn't have the neck-loop used by induction earpieces. This in-ear receiver uses only the radio frequency.

      You can contact us on email for more details.

  2. I bought one of these recently, the support was great, they were always very kind and friendly and very good and usefull product , you can keep it in the pocket easilly ( and works in a distance of around 5-6 metters) has a good sound and hide very well in the ear, does not make interference in dynamic mic. I just had a long delay in the receipt but it was the fault of the custom house. The specialhitech products are of excellent quality and are unique. Differentiated from the others. I'm looking forward and consult their website from time to time to see some new innovation.

    soon i m gonna buy another product , just waiting for the opportunity and the money ahaha :)
    Best wishes
    fanfarrao05 ( Land S.)