Monday, September 12, 2011

Duplex FM covert communication

duplex spy communication system

In order to have a top secrete spy communication with someone else, this system is exactly what you need!

The duplex FM covert communication system is the new generation in professional communication intelligence.

The complete system includes: the spy Micro Earpiece FM Receiver, the UHF FM spy Pen Transmitter and a compact portable transceiver.

As a plus to other systems presented on the internet, this system doesn't need any wires on the body, any neckloop, and no wallet or purse!

More detailes here.

Spy Micro Earpiece

This is the smallest spy Micro Earpiece FM receiver ever made, that fits in the ear canal. It is able to receive a FM signal from a distance of up to 1000 m in open field.

The Micro earpice FM receiver doesn't need any of these: neckloop, wallet, bluetooth, wires on the body. You will have a full freedom of movement.

There is no way that someone to detect the signal that you are hearing in the spy micro earpiece receiver, because it has set a secrete frequency.

More details here.

Spy Bug Pen Transmitter

spy bug pen transmitter

This Spy Bug Pen Transmitter can transmitt the sound in a room, (its microphone beeing very sensitive), to a distance of up to 500 m in open field. This pen is practicaly a spy bug microphone hidden in a pen.

It is a rechargeable pen, so you will not have to worry about the changing batteries. The battery authonomy lasts for 15 hours.

More details here .

UHF FM spy Pen Transmitter

spy bug pen transmitter
This UHF FM Transmitter is hidden in a common pen, and it can transmitt the voice to a distance up to 1000 m in open field.
In order to receive the FM signal, you must use a FM scanner or a transceiver.

This pen has a dicreet power switch, which enables you to turn it on/off whenever you need.

It has inside rechargeable batteries, so you don't have to open it and change anything.