Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Worlds Smallest Radio - Ear Piece (AM/FM) | MobilePedia

smallest RF receiver, in-ear prompter

This UHF receiver can be the perfect in-ear prompter, totally wireless. It can be used in presentations, speeches and other situations that needs wireless and secrete support from distance.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spy micro earpiece with induction

Special Hi-tech Spy Shop released a new product: the Induction spy earpiece.
It is the smallest spy micro earpiece in the world, and is not Chinese. It is made with high quality components, in Europe, by SpecialHitech.

spy earpiece
Smallest spy micro earpiece in the world and the Chinese earpiece
smallest earpiece
Smallest earpiece
This is a wireless earpiece that is used together with the cellphone, whenever you need to have a hidden cellphone conversation. It transmits the voice from the cellphone into your ear, wirelessly, by using induction.
The wireless earpiece needs an accessory that is connected to the cellphone, by hands-free or bluetooth device and a neck-loop, or a modified cellphone that is able to transmit directly to the wireless spy earpiece, without any neck-loop or other wires.

You can buy it or see more HERE.