Sunday, June 3, 2012

Covert communication systems with discounts

In June 2012, Specialhitech offers big discounts, of up to 50 %, to our products, in order to offer the possibility of testing the best products, to a larger area of people.

The UHF FM spy earpiece receiver is a unique product in the world and also is a new product. Now is for sale for everyone and we want to make it accesible for those who wanted it but found it too expensive. Only in June, the price is cut to half of its value. Take this chance and buy yourself the best spy equipment of our days.

spy earpiece receiver in UHF FM band

The UHF FM covert communication complete system, has also a special price in June. Just check our Shop, and you will find price discounts to all our spy products.


  1. Oh , i am still waiting for the 2015 special discount. unfortunatly dollar and euro became very valorized :( . I am still flirting with dictaphone-earpice , pretty sure it is a cool gadget

    and the best part is that i dont need nobody to help me! no partner , so more independent and discret ,once only me will know :)

    Let me know when another discount came here in my country the dollar and euro are like 1- 3,5 so , unfortunatly i need to wait to my currency
    valorize or discount :(


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment!

      If you cantact us, we will make you a discount so you can purchase the product you like.

      Looking forward to hear from you!

      Specialhitech team

  2. Thanks , you guys are the best. i will enter in contact. And you probably you will get loyal customer and buy other products with you in the future.